Claudia Fanelli

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Static magnetic fields with intensities starting from 6 gauss (6x10(-4) tesla, T) were found to decrease in an intensity-dependent fashion, reaching a plateau at 6 x 10(-3) T, the extent of cell death by apoptosis induced by several agents in different human cell systems. This is not due to a change in the mode of cell death (i.e., to necrosis) or to a(More)
Cells induced to apoptosis extrude glutathione in the reduced form concomitantly with (U937 cells) or before (HepG2 cells) the development of apoptosis, much earlier than plasma membrane leakage. Two specific inhibitors of carrier-mediated GSH extrusion, methionine or cystathionine, are able to decrease apoptotic GSH efflux across the intact plasma(More)
We demonstrate here that the release of mature cytochrome c from mitochondria is a cellular response to the depletion of glutathione, the main intracellular antioxidant, independently from the destiny of the cells, i.e., apoptosis or survival. On the one hand, cytosolic cytochrome c was detected in cells where the inhibition of glutathione synthesis led to(More)
Glutathione depletion by inhibition of its synthesis with buthionine sulfoximine (BSO) is a focus of the current research in antitumor therapy, BSO being used as chemosensitizer. We had previously shown that two human tumor cell lines (U937 and HepG2) survive to treatment with BSO: BSO can elicit an apoptotic response, but the apoptotic process is aborted(More)
BACKGROUND After the removal of the buffy coat, packed red cell (RBC) transfusion units still contain white cells that may undergo apoptosis as a result of storage conditions (1-6 degrees C). The aim of the present study was the evaluation of this phenomenon in view of the possible influence it may have on febrile nonhemolytic transfusion reactions. STUDY(More)
Antioxidants-that is, scavengers of free radicals and anaerobic conditions (5%CO(2), 95% N(2))-protect monocytic U937 cells from damage-induced apoptosis. Antioxidants rescue the cells acting on the apoptotic pathway at a step downstream from gluthatione extrusion. Reducing agents, such as DTT, also reduce stress-induced apoptosis. Thus, apoptotic GSH(More)
The solid-state (13)C CP MAS NMR technique has the potential of monitoring the chemical composition in the solid state of an intact food sample. This property has been utilized to study mushrooms of different species (Pleurotus ostreatus, Pleurotus eryngii, Pleurotus pulmunarius, and Lentinula edodes), already characterized by chemical analyses for protein(More)
Wide-angle exclusive Compton scattering and single-pion photoproduction from the proton have been investigated via measurement of the polarization transfer from a circularly polarized photon beam to the recoil proton. The wide-angle Compton scattering polarization transfer was analyzed at an incident photon energy of 3.7 GeV at a proton scattering angle of(More)
Incubation of rat ovarian slices with choriogonadotropin resulted in stimulation of cyclic AMP dependent protein kinase activity in a time and dose dependent manner. However, prior exposure of animals to choriogonadotropin in vivo resulted in a decreased sensitivity to subsequent in vitro stimulation by the same hormone. This decreased sensitivity was due(More)