Claudia Errico

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An analysis of indications, techniques, results of stabilization and decompression of 100 consecutive spinal tumour cases was carried out. Localized metastatic disease is best operated anteriorly. Primary malignancies are best treated with en bloc resection. Pain relief in metastatic disease is achieved by rigid stabilization. The unstable spine secondary(More)
Non-invasive imaging deep into organs at microscopic scales remains an open quest in biomedical imaging. Although optical microscopy is still limited to surface imaging owing to optical wave diffusion and fast decorrelation in tissue, revolutionary approaches such as fluorescence photo-activated localization microscopy led to a striking increase in(More)
Functional ultrasound (fUS) is a novel neuroimaging technique, based on high-sensitivity ultrafast Doppler imaging of cerebral blood volume, capable of measuring brain activation and connectivity in rodents with high spatiotemporal resolution (100μm, 1ms). However, the skull attenuates acoustic waves, so fUS in rats currently requires craniotomy or a(More)
Achieving high spatial and temporal control over a spontaneous reaction is a particularly challenging task with potential breakthroughs in various fields of research including surface patterning and drug delivery. We report here an exceptionally effective method that allows attaining such control. This method relies on a remotely triggered(More)
Ultrafast Ultrasound Localization Microscopy uses microbubbles that are individually localized with a resolution below 10μm. Positions of the microbubbles are accumulated to create a super resolution image, which bypass the diffraction-limit of spatial resolution. However, microbubbles localization is affected by physiological motions at the micrometric(More)
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