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The cytoplasmic protein TraM is one of four essential gene products of the F factor which are involved in DNA transfer after mating pair formation. TraM binds to three specific sites within the oriT region. Besides regulation of its own synthesis, the precise function of TraM during conjugation is not yet known. In the present work, the affinity of TraM to(More)
A clone from a lambda gt11 cDNA expression library of HeLa cells was isolated, sequenced, and shown to encode a new human zinc finger protein. The cDNA of the gene termed ZFP161 has an open reading frame of 1347 bp. The predicted protein comprises 449 amino acid residues and contains five zinc finger motifs of the Krüppel type near the C-terminus and a(More)
The transfer regions of different conjugative plasmids show significant similarities in the genetic organization and in the amino acid sequence of some gene products, especially of proteins from the traG or trbB family. These similarities are also evident on the level of the nucleotide sequences. On the basis of conserved DNA regions we designed degenerate(More)
Within the region of the origin of replication (oriII) of plasmid mini-F, we introduced a set of deletions around the XhoI site (45.080F) and an insertion of 4 nucleotides at the Bg/II site (45.213F). These alterations had the effect that replication from oriII as well as from the alternative origin, oriI, was abolished. The analysis suggests that an(More)
The D protein encoded by plasmid mini-F promotes resolution of plasmid cointegrates or dimers of the F-factor or mini-F. In addition, two rfsF sequences are essential for this site-specific, recA-independent recombination event. The D gene was cloned into an expression vector and the gene product was overproduced in Escherichia coli and purified to(More)
At the XhoI site (45.08F) of plasmid mini-F a deletion of 649 bp was generated employing exonuclease Bal31. By this deletion nucleotide sequences functioning as origin II and the four 19 bp direct repeats constituting the incB region in front of the E protein gene were removed from the plasmid. Analysis of proteins radioactively labelled in Escherichia coli(More)
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