Claudia Dierks

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Remote memory for public events was investigated in 14 demented patients with Parkinson's disease (PD), 14 non-demented PD patients, and 14 controls. These groups were compared with 16 demented patients with dementia that was due to Alzheimer or was of vascular origin (SDAVT), and with a group of elderly controls. The two demented groups were of a different(More)
Polledness is a high impact trait in modern milk and beef production to meet the demands of animal welfare and work safety. Previous studies have mapped the polled-locus to the proximal region of the bovine chromosome 1 (BTA1) and narrowed it down to approximately 1 Mb. Sequencing of the positional candidate genes within the 1 Mb polled region and whole(More)
Remote memory was investigated in an unselected sample of 26 patients with either unilateral tumours in the temporal lobes or traumatic brain injuries. Six patients underwent excisions within the left temporal lobe, and nine patients were operated on within the right temporal lobe. In both groups, patients with excisions including and sparing the(More)
A consistently high level of stallion fertility plays an economically important role in modern horse breeding. We performed a genome-wide association study for estimated breeding values of the paternal component of the pregnancy rate per estrus cycle (EBV-PAT) in Hanoverian stallions. A total of 228 Hanoverian stallions were genotyped using the Equine SNP50(More)
The spleen tyrosine kinase (SYK) was identified as an oncogenic driver in a broad spectrum of hematologic malignancies. The in vivo comparison of three SYK containing oncogenes, SYK(wt), TEL-SYK and IL-2-inducible T-cell kinase (ITK)-SYK revealed a general myeloexpansion and the establishment of three different hematologic (pre)diseases. SYK(wt) enhanced(More)
Coat color dilution turns black coat color to blue and red color to cream and is a characteristic in many mammalian species. Matings among Netherland Dwarf, Loh, and Lionhead Dwarf rabbits over two generations gave evidence for a monogenic autosomal recessive inheritance of coat colour dilution. Histological analyses showed non-uniformly distributed, large,(More)
A previously accomplished whole-genome scan for osteochondrosis (OC) and OC dissecans (OCD) in South German Coldblood horses using 250 microsatellite markers identified putative quantitative trait loci (QTL). A chromosome-wide significant QTL for fetlock OCD was found on Equus caballus chromosome (ECA) 4q at a relative position of 70.0-73.3 cM. The aim of(More)
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