Claudia D'Adamo

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Understanding how children perceive and interact with teachable agents (systems where children learn through teaching a synthetic character embedded in an intelligent tutoring system) can provide insight into the effects of so-cial interaction on learning with intelligent tutoring systems. We describe results from a think-aloud study where children were(More)
The occurrence of late blowing defects in cheese produces negative effects on the quality and commercial value of the product. In this work, we verified whether the addition of raw jenny milk to bulk cow milk reduced the late blowing defects in semihard cheeses. During cheesemaking, different aliquots of jenny milk were poured into 2 groups of 4 vats, each(More)
Thermal treatments are used to improve milk microbial safety, shelf life, and biological activity of some of its components. However, thermal treatments can reduce the nutritional quality of milk, affecting the molecular structure of milk proteins, such as lysozyme, which is a very important milk component due to its antimicrobial effect against(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine whether body mass index (BMI) at the time of hospitalization or weight change in the period immediately following hospitalization predict physical function in the year after hip fracture. DESIGN Prospective observational study. SETTING Two hospitals in Baltimore, Maryland. PARTICIPANTS Female hip fracture patients age 65 years(More)
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