Claudia Cristine Gomes Borelli

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C. albicans is one of the most common fungal pathogen of humans, causing local and superficial mucosal infections in immunocompromised individuals. Given that the key structure mediating host-C. albicans interactions is the fungal cell wall, we aimed to identify features of the cell wall inducing epithelial responses and be associated with fungal(More)
In the recent past, we have found ourselves in need of truly novel antifungal drugs as drug resistance in fungi has been evolving. Moreover, effective therapy has become particularly important as the number of immuno-compromised patients with life-threatening fungal infections increases. Fortunately, during the last few years, virulence factors of fungi and(More)
The transition of Candida albicans from a yeast to a hyphal form is controlled by several transcriptional factors, including the key regulators Cph1 and Efg1, and is considered an important virulence attribute. These factors, especially Efg1, regulate the expression of hyphal-associated genes e.g. SAP4-SAP6. In order to investigate the relevance of these(More)
Glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase (GAPDH) has an important role not only in glycolysis but also in nonmetabolic processes, including transcription activation and apoptosis. We report the isolation of a human GAPDH (hGAPDH) (2-32) fragment peptide from human placental tissue exhibiting antimicrobial activity. The peptide was internalized by cells of(More)
Table I. Therapeutic effects of low-dose isotretinoin in 4 cases of severe acne Pat. no/ Sex Diagnosis Clinical response a Mean dose (mg/kg/day) Cumulative dose (mg/kg) Duration (months) Adjuvant medication Topical therapy Side-effects 1/M Acne conglobata 8 to 0 0.25 60.5 8.1 None None Elevated serum cholesterol, creatinine kinase at last visit, mild(More)
The current investigation aimed to develop a valid specific field test to evaluate anaerobic physical performance in Aerobic Gymnastics athletes. We first designed the Specific Aerobic Gymnast Anaerobic Test (SAGAT), which included gymnastics-specific elements performed in maximal repeated sprint fashion, with a total duration of 80-90 s. In order to(More)
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