Claudia Cortimiglia

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This study was aimed to improve knowledge about swine ovarian follicular function, paying attention to angiogenesis, since new vessel growth is a fundamental event in ovarian function. In particular, we investigated a potential involvement of netrin-1, a protein known as a guidance axon factor. Firstly, we studied the expression and immunolocalization of(More)
Dairy products can harbor various microorganisms (e.g., Campylobacter spp., Salmonella spp., Listeria monocytogenes, verocytotoxin-producing Escherichia coli) arising from animal reservoirs, and which can become important sources of foodborne illness. Therefore, early detection of food pathogens is crucial to prevent diseases. We wished to develop an(More)
Netrin-1 was first identified as a guidance factor in axon outgrowth during central nervous system development and was later shown to be involved in the morphogenesis of other organs. This study, thus, aimed to verify netrin-1 gene expression in swine antral follicles and to detect netrin-1 protein expression in follicular fluid. In addition, since netrin-1(More)
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