Claudia Coralli

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This paper reports a detailed analysis of the effect of low oxygen conditions (hypoxia) on the reporter green fluorescent protein (GFP). It questions the feasibility of using GFP for gene expression studies under tumor conditions. Hypoxia is a characteristic of both experimental and clinical tumors. Several important factors are pointed out which need to be(More)
A functional vascular network is essential for the survival, growth and spread of solid tumours, making blood vessels a key target for therapeutic strategies. Combretastatin A-4 phosphate (CA-4-P) is a tubulin-depolymerising agent in Phase II clinical trials as a vascular disrupting agent. Not much is known of the molecular effect of CA-4-P under tumour(More)
Hypoxia in solid tumours has been correlated with poor prognosis and resistance to radiation and chemotherapy. Hypoxia is also a strong stimulus for gene expression. We previously proposed a gene therapy approach which exploits the presence of severe hypoxia in tumours for the induction of therapeutic genes. Hypoxic cells are known to have a reduced(More)
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