Claudia Cervantes-Jilaja

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The HOG method is applied in the detection of human bodies, specially when they are in a vertical position and in many backgrounds. HOG method was evaluated before in different applications such as pedestrian detection, video surveillance, search and rescue. However, when human bodies are in other positions, most of the time, body recognition algorithms(More)
Nowadays, chestnuts selection process in Peru is done by hand, therefore some important problems occur. People who work in this area could make a lot of mistakes because their personal situation or environment variables influence them. Fatigue, feelings, light conditions or working comfort are examples. For this reason the production may become slow and/or(More)
The HOG method is applied in the detection of human bodies in an vertical position. However, when human bodies are in other positions, HOG method has several fails, another disadvantage of this method is the occlusion of human bodies by objects. This research presents a new improvement to HOG method with erosion morphological operator and cascade classifier(More)
Global vision system works with processes of sorting, recognition and identification through some external characteristics as: color, shape and size depending of specific targets. In this paper we propose a semi-automated approach to recognize the targets in moving, where first is performed the image calibration with respect to the lighting and then(More)
Nowadays, the automation of industrial machines increase the productivity and efficiency of the mass production business. These machines are mainly composed of expensive electrical and mechanical modules to achieve companies production goals. However, many of these do not have information systems capable of providing the user relevant production data. In(More)
Currently the navigation involves the interaction of the robot with its environment, this means that the robot has to find the position of obstacles (natural brands and artificial) with respect to its plane. Its environment is time-variant and computer vision can help it to localization and people detection in real time. This article focuses on the(More)
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