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Innovative hydrogels obtained by physical and chemical crosslinking of deacylated Gellan gum have been characterized in terms of water uptake, rheological properties and compressibility, and the behaviour of the tested materials, according to the type of the obtained network, is thoroughly discussed. The release from the various gels of loaded model(More)
A novel injectable polysaccharide system based on calcium Alginate (Ca-Alg) hydrogel and two Dextran methacrylate derivatives (DexMA) was recently developed. The resulting Interpenetrating Polymer Network showed a synergistic mechanical behavior that can be exploited to target the hydrogel properties towards specific biomedical needs. In the present paper,(More)
Silver-loaded dressings are designed to provide the same antimicrobial activity of topical silver, with the advantages of a sustained silver release and a reduced number of dressing changes. Moreover, such type of dressing must provide a moist environment, avoiding fiber shedding, dehydration and adherence to the wound site. Here we describe the preparation(More)
Postsurgical adhesions are a common problem in clinical practice, causing nerve compression, pain and discomfort. A new hydrogel based on gellan gum and sulphated hyaluronic acid was synthesized, with the aim to create an effective barrier for epidural scar formation. Physico-chemical properties of the gel were analyzed, and preliminary biocompatibility(More)
In this study, a sterile and biocompatible chitosan (CHI) gel for wound healing applications was formulated. CHI powder was treated in autoclave (ttCHI) to prepare sterile formulations. The heat treatment modified the CHI molecular weight, as evidenced by GPC analysis, and its physical-chemical features. Differential scanning calorimetry studies indicated(More)
Guar Gum is a natural polysaccharide that, due to its physicochemical properties, is extensively investigated for biomedical applications as a matrix for modified drug delivery, but it is also used in the food industry as well as in cosmetics. A commercial sample of Guar Gum was sonicated for different periods of time, and the reduction in the average(More)
In this study, the active components of grape pomaces were first extracted by maceration in ethanol and propylene glycol, then in extra virgin olive oil. The main components of the hydrophilic extractive solutions were flavonoids, while monounsaturated fatty acids were the most abundant constituents of the extractive oil, with high levels of oleic acid,(More)
In this work, diclofenac was encapsulated, as sodium salt, in glycerosomes containing 10, 20 or 30% of glycerol in the water phase with the aim to ameliorate its topical efficacy. Taking into account previous findings, glycerosome formulation was modified, in terms of economic suitability, using a cheap and commercially available mixture of hydrogenated soy(More)
After myocardial infarction, the heart's mechanical properties and its intrinsic capability to recover are compromised. To improve this recovery, several groups have developed cardiac patches based on different biomaterials strategies. Here, we developed polyvinylalcohol/dextran (PVA/Dex) elastic hydrogel patches, obtained through the freeze thawing (FT)(More)
Allantoin is traditionally employed in the treatment of skin ulcers and hypertrophic scars. In the present work, to improve its local deposition in the skin and deeper tissues, allantoin was incorporated in conventional liposomes and in new argan oil enriched liposomes. In both cases, obtained vesicles were unilamellar, as confirmed by cryo-TEM observation,(More)