Claudia Camargo-Raya

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The aim of this work is to analyze the interactions of 5MeV electron beam radiation and a 290MeV/u Carbon beam with calcium carbonate (powder) at 298K and at different irradiation doses, for the potential use of calcium carbonate as a high-dose dosimeter. The irradiation doses with the electron beam were from 0.015 to 9MGy, and with Carbon beam from 1.5kGy(More)
The response of alanine film EPR dosimeters was studied for low temperature gamma irradiation conditions (77-293 K) in the dose interval from 6.3 to 80 kGy. It was found that the response of the dosimeter decreases with decreased irradiation temperature and saturates at lower doses for lower irradiation temperatures. The analysis of the EPR signal suggests(More)
Calcium carbonate received gamma irradiation at different doses (0-309kGy) and temperature regimes (77-298K) to study the effects of irradiation temperature. The changes were followed by EPR spectroscopy. We observed the formation of a composite EPR spectrum, even at low radiation doses and temperature. There was a strong effect on the evaluation of the(More)
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