Claudia Bustamante

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MADS-box genes in plants are putative transcription factors involved in regulating numerous developmental processes, such as meristem and organ identity in inflorescences and in flowers. Recent reports indicate that they are involved in other processes than flower development such as the establishment of developing embryos, seed coat and ultimately in root(More)
OBJECTIVES In 2004, the Chilean National Ministry of Health instituted a cardiovascular disease (CVD) management programme aimed at improving diabetes care among patients treated in the public healthcare system. We sought to identify the characteristics of patients participating in the CVD programme and the feasibility of extending its reach through(More)
WHAT ABOUT POLICY REGARDING SDM? Since 1999, there has been a small but growing interest by academics, the government, and society as a whole in strengthening patients' and professionals' involvement in shared decision making (SDM). Two governmental policy documents that indicate support for SDM are (1) Health Reform in 2003 and (2) Sanitary Objectives(More)
mHealth is a practical, useful, and available tool for one-way or two-way communication between health professionals and patients. It is especially promising in countries such as Chile, with widespread and growing mobile telephone coverage that is very well accepted by the public. Our objective is to demonstrate the process for designing a mobile(More)
BACKGROUND Telephone based self-management support may improve the metabolic control of patients with type2 (DM2) diabetes if it is coordinated with primary care centers, if telephone protocols and clinical guidelines are used and if it is provided by nurses trained in motivational interviewing. AIM To assess the efficacy of a tele-care self-management(More)
The Chilean legislation establishes that patients have rights and responsibilities in regards to their healthcare. This is an important statement as it declares that people must be informed and become actively involved in their care; meanwhile, the health system needs to coordinate the provision of personalised and effective services. Although(More)
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