Claudia Braun

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The paper discusses the modeling necessary for recovering man made objects | in this case buildings | in complex scenes from digital imagery. The approach addresses all levels of image analysis for deriving semantically meaningful descriptions of the scene from the image, via the geometrical/physical model of the objects and their counterparts in the image.(More)
In Paramecium tetraurelia, polyamine-triggered exocytosis is accompanied by the activation of Ca2+-activated currents across the cell membrane (Erxleben. C., and H. Plattner. 1994. J. Cell Biol. 127:935-945). We now show by voltage clamp and extracellular recordings that the product of current x time (As) closely parallels the number of exocytotic events.(More)
BACKGROUND Epidermal growth factor receptor inhibitors are widely prescribed anticancer drugs. Patients treated commonly develop dermatologic adverse drugs reactions, but rarely they are involved in systematic evaluation of their quality of life. This monocentric cross sectional study is carried out to assess quality of life in colon cancer patients(More)
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