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Efficacy and safety of willow bark extract in the treatment of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis: results of 2 randomized double-blind controlled trials.
The OA study suggested that the willow bark extract showed no relevant efficacy in patients with OA, and the RA trial did not indicate efficacy of this extract in Patients with RA. Expand
HPLC-MS/MS analysis of willow bark extracts contained in pharmaceutical preparations.
RP-HPLC using a C18-column eluted with water:methanol:tetrahydrofuran and coupled to electrospray triple-quadrupole MS and MS/MS was used for the characterisation of dried extracts of Salix spp. Expand
Effects of Urban Land Use on Surface Temperature in Berlin: Case Study
Surface temperature as an important factor in urban microclimate is studied to provide quantitative information on the effects of the degree of surface sealing and vegetated surfaces for purposes ofExpand
Network analysis of coronary artery disease risk genes elucidates disease mechanisms and druggable targets
This study prioritized 68 genes as the most likely causal genes at genome-wide significant loci identified by GWAS of CAD and examined their regulatory roles in 286 metabolic and vascular tissue gene-protein sub-networks (“modules”). Expand