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The budding yeast genome comprises roughly 6000 genes generating a number of about 10 000 mRNA copies, which gives a general estimation of 1-2 mRNA copies generated per gene. What does this observation implicate for cellular processes and their regulation? Whether the number of mRNA molecules produced is important for setting the amount of proteins(More)
A mechanism capable of enhancing the safety of paths followed by mobile robots which significantly modify their mass distribution while operating in uneven terrains is presented. This is the case, for instance, of kinematically reconfigurable platforms or robots equipped with manipulator arms. For a given path, a trajectory optimiser that finds suitably(More)
Expectations and prior knowledge can strongly influence our perception. In vision research, such top-down modulation of perceptual processing has been extensively studied using ambiguous stimuli, such as reversible figures. Here, we propose a novel method to address this issue in the auditory modality during speech perception by means of Mondgreens and(More)
We present a neural implementation of a dynamical network hierarchy for data driven and knowledge controlled selective visual attention. The model architecture is composed of several interacting subsystems for different processing tasks. With the example of real-world scene analysis the proposed model demonstrates its abilities in preattentive search and in(More)
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