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Biodiversity Information Systems (BISs) involve all kinds of heterogeneous data, which include ecological and geographical features. However, available information systems offer very limited support for managing these kinds of data in an integrated fashion. Furthermore, such systems do not fully support image content (e.g., photos of landscapes or living(More)
— Scientific research is producing and consuming large volumes of multimedia data at an ever growing rate. Data annotations are used, among others, to provide context information and enhance content management, making it easier to interpret and share data. However, raw multimedia data often needs to go through complex processing steps before it can be(More)
Brazil has one of South America's largest information technology (IT) communities. One hundred million people voted electronically for President and congress in 2004, and 97 percent of all income tax declarations are submitted via the Internet. Over 20,000 students graduate every year in computer science alone, and two of the federal government's four(More)
Content-Based Image Retrieval (CBIR) presents several challenges and has been subject to extensive research from many domains, such as image processing or database systems. Database researchers are concerned with indexing and querying, whereas image processing experts worry about extracting appropriate image descriptors. Comparatively little work has been(More)