Claudia Baldwin

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BALB/c mice vaccinated with vaccinia virus expressing the major surface glycoprotein G of respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) develop lung eosinophilia during RSV challenge. The G protein is remarkable in that it induces CD4+, but no CD8+ T cells in this mouse strain. Studies using passive T cell transfers show that co-injection of CD8+ T cells greatly(More)
We have applied a new method for quantitative measurement of bronchial beta adrenoceptor blockade to a new beta adrenoceptor antagonist, bevantolol. Dose-response curves to a beta agonist, albuterol, were obtained in six normal subjects by measuring specific airway conductance (sGaw) after increasing doses of inhaled albuterol. These were repeated on three(More)
The response to a beta2-agonist (salbutamol) was assessed by measuring specific airways conductance (sGaw) in healthy volunteers following increasing doses of inhaled or intravenous salbutamol. Regular inhaled salbutamol in doses exceeding 200 microgram four times a day produced a progressive loss of airways responsiveness to both inhaled and intravenous(More)
Bronchial and cardiac beta-adrenoceptor blockade have been compared in six normal subjects after three beta-adrenoceptor antagonists. Single and double doses of atenolol (50 and 100 mg), acebutolol (100 and 200 mg) and labetalolol (150 and 300 mg) were studied on separate occasions. 2 Salbutamol airway dose-response curves were obtained by measuring the(More)
The changes in airway caliber and plasma cyclic-AMP levels after intravenously administered aminophylline, and the effect of DL- and D-propranolol on these responses have been investigated in a double-blind manner in normal subjects. Aminophylline 5.6 mg/kg was given intravenously over a 10-min period and the airway response was measured as change in(More)
1. Airway, metabolic and cyclic nucleotide responses to intravenous salbutamol were measured in five patients with mild asthma who had taken no medication in the week before the study. The studies were repeated after the patient had taken regular inhaled salbutamol for 4 weeks, in doses increasing to 2000 micrograms daily in week 4. 2. The pretreatment(More)
1. We describe a method for assessing bronchial beta-adrenoceptor blockade quantitatively in man. Specific airway conductance is measured after increasing doses of inhaled salbutamol and the extent to which the dose-response curve is displaced to the right after beta-adrenoceptor blocking drugs is used to assess bronchial beta-adrenoceptor blockade. 2.(More)
Three families of English springer spaniel dogs with phosphofructokinase (PFK) deficiency causing haemolysis were studied. Four male dogs and one female dog with chronic haemolysis and haemolytic crises were found to have markedly reduced PFK activity in erythrocytes (8-20% of control English springer spaniels). PFK-deficient erythrocytes exhibited an(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the ease and effects of collecting blood from cats by use of subcutaneous totally implantable vascular access ports (VAPs) with collection via conventional jugular phlebotomy. DESIGN Prospective randomized experimental study. ANIMALS 8 healthy cats. PROCEDURES Cats in the port group (n = 4) underwent monthly blood donation by use(More)
Acute Francisella tularensis infection in 3 domestic cats was presumptively diagnosed on the basis of clinical signs and lesions and confirmed by culturing or immunofluorescent demonstration of the organism. Clinical findings include marked signs of depression, oral/lingual ulceration, regional or generalized lymphadenomegaly, hepatosplenomegaly,(More)