Claudia Argueta

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Nostoc punctiforme is a filamentous cyanobacterium that is capable of dark heterotrophy and cellular differentiation into nitrogen-fixing heterocysts, motile hormogonia, or spore-like akinetes. The study of akinete differentiation at the molecular level has been limited by the asynchronous development and limited number of akinetes formed within a filament.(More)
Two transcriptional reporter shuttle vectors were constructed for the filamentous cyanobacterium Nostoc punctiforme using the green fluorescence protein (GFP) reporter. Both the ampicillin- and kanamycin-resistant versions of the plasmid allow promoters to be directionally cloned into a multiple cloning site preceding a promoterless gfp gene using an(More)
Akinetes are spore-like resting cells formed by certain filamentous cyanobacteria that have increased resistance to environmental stress. They can be found at low frequencies in dense cultures experiencing low light or phosphate limitation, but also form at high frequencies in a zwf mutant strain of Nostoc punctiforme following dark incubation in the(More)
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