Claudia Angelini

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Gene expression levels in a given cell can be influenced by different factors, namely pharmacological or medical treatments. The response to a given stimulus is usually different for different genes and may depend on time. One of the goals of modern molecular biology is the high-throughput identification of genes associated with a particular treatment or a(More)
We consider the testing problem in the mixed-effects functional analysis of variance models. We develop asymptotically optimal (minimax) testing procedures for testing the significance of functional global trend and the functional fixed effects based on the empirical wavelet coefficients of the data. Wavelet decompositions allow one to characterize various(More)
We investigate the asymptotic optimality of several Bayesian wavelet estimators, namely, posterior mean, posterior median and Bayes Factor, where the prior imposed on wavelet coefficients is a mixture of a mass function at zero and a Gaussian density. We show that in terms of the mean squared error, for the properly chosen hyperparameters of the prior, all(More)
In recent years, the introduction of massively parallel sequencing platforms for Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) protocols, able to simultaneously sequence hundred thousand DNA fragments, dramatically changed the landscape of the genetics studies. RNA-Seq for transcriptome studies, Chip-Seq for DNA-proteins interaction, CNV-Seq for large genome nucleotide(More)
The objective of the present paper is to develop a truly functional Bayesian method specifically designed for time series microarray data. The method allows one to identify differentially expressed genes in a time-course microarray experiment, to rank them and to estimate their expression profiles. Each gene expression profile is modeled as an expansion(More)
Metabolites are emerging as key mediators of crosstalk between metabolic flux, cellular signaling, and epigenetic regulation of cell fate. We found that the nonessential amino acid L-proline (L-Pro) acts as a signaling molecule that promotes the conversion of embryonic stem cells into mesenchymal-like, spindle-shaped, highly motile, invasive pluripotent(More)
Microarray experiments enable simultaneous measurement of the expression levels of virtually all transcripts present in cells, thereby providing a ‘molecular picture’ of the cell state. On the other hand, the genomic responses to a pharmacological or hormonal stimulus are dynamic molecular processes, where time influences gene activity and expression. The(More)
The availability of omic data produced from international consortia, as well as from worldwide laboratories, is offering the possibility both to answer long-standing questions in biomedicine/molecular biology and to formulate novel hypotheses to test. However, the impact of such data is not fully exploited due to a limited availability of multi-omic data(More)
Metarhizium anisopliae and Beauveria bassiana are ubiquitous insect pathogens and possible plant symbionts, as some strains are endophytic or colonize the rhizosphere. We evaluated 11 strains of M. anisopliae and B. bassiana, and two soil saprophytes (the non-rhizospheric Aspergillus niger and the rhizosphere-competent Trichoderma harzianum) for their(More)