Claudia Alvarez

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BACKGROUND Genetic analysis of human longevity may be useful for the understanding of molecular mechanisms implicated in age-related diseases. The molecular genetics of human longevity is largely unexplored in Latin American populations and other developing countries. METHODS To explore the possibility of an association of common polymorphisms in two(More)
Understanding the impact of intracellular pathogens on the behavior of their host cells is key to designing new interventions. We are interested in how Leishmania alters the electrical function of the plasma membrane of the macrophage it infects. The specific question addressed here is the impact of Leishmania infection on macrophage membrane properties(More)
BACKGROUND Polysomnography (PSG) is the gold standard for sleep bruxism (SB) assessment. High economical costs, complex technical equipment, and unfamiliar laboratory setting limit its use in children. AIM To determine the night-to-night variability of electromyography (EMG) episodes during a five-night recording with the GrindCare Measure (GCM), and the(More)
MTX is an effective therapy for autoimmune-inflammatory diseases. The mechanisms that mediate these actions are not completely clear. It is accepted that many of these effects are mediated through the release of adenosine with the activation of the adenosine receptor A2. MTX is used as a steroid sparing agent. An improved in vitro GC cell sensitivity in GC(More)
Introduction. The performance of a drug susceptibility test may change when moving from the research stage to implementation on a population level in actual public health practice. Objective. The performance of a rapid drug susceptibility test was described for detecting multidrug-resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis when implemented in the routine workflow(More)
Serratia marcescens is a widely distributed gram-negative rod, often associated to nosocomial infections. Some outbreaks linked to contaminated antiseptic solutions have been reported. In this study we report a nosocomial outbreak of surgical site infection and catheter insertion site infection due to S. marcescens. 33 patients with positive cultures were(More)
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