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The aqueous extract of Croton cuneatus Klotz. (Euphorbiaceae), was tested for its antinociceptive effects using chemical and thermal test models in mice. Anti-inflammatory activity was determined in Sprague-Dawley rats in a model of acute plantar inflammation induced by bovine serum albumin. Croton cuneatus aqueous extract at doses of 7 mg/kg showed a(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the effectiveness of the nutritional supplement developed for the Oportunidades programme on growth, prevalence of anaemia, morbidity and cognitive function of pre-school children. DESIGN In a randomised, placebo-controlled longitudinal trial, children were assigned to one of three experimental treatment groups: Oportunidades food(More)
The affinity with which each thread executes can significantly impact both the execution time and power consumption of parallel applications. Finding an optimal mapping of threads to cores is a considerable challenge as it requires runtime tracking and analysis of many interacting system elements. As we head towards the exascale era, and gear up for HPC(More)
The Mexican novel began in the nineteenth century with “El Periquillo Sarniento” by Jose Joaquin Fernandez de Lizardi. Known as the Mexican thinker and father of nationalism, Lizardi uses his novel as a vehicle of expression to teach the masses morals for their generation and future generations to come. This work is an investigation of narrative structure,(More)
In previous task matching research the power agnostic Min-Min algorithms has been found to be an effective matching algorithm and has been used as a benchmark in numerous studies. Our study has enhanced these algorithms with the addition of the energy delay product (EDP) resulting in an improved Min-Min that takes both power and execution time into account.(More)
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