Claudia Alvarado

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commissioned this report to assess experience with and recommend designs for financial risk management instruments (FRMIs) that support scaled-up delivery and financing of small scale renewable energy (SSRE) projects. The assessment will provide guidance to the UNEP and the Global Environment Facility (GEF) to inform designs of future UNEP, GEF and other(More)
The affinity with which each thread executes can significantly impact both the execution time and power consumption of parallel applications. Finding an optimal mapping of threads to cores is a considerable challenge as it requires runtime tracking and analysis of many interacting system elements. As we head towards the exascale era, and gear up for HPC(More)
In previous task matching research the power agnostic Min-Min algorithms has been found to be an effective matching algorithm and has been used as a benchmark in numerous studies. Our study has enhanced these algorithms with the addition of the energy delay product (EDP) resulting in an improved Min-Min that takes both power and execution time into account.(More)
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