Claudia Aguirre

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The molecular basis of complex neuropsychiatric disorders most likely involves many genes. In recent years, specific genetic variations influencing risk for schizophrenia and other neuropsychiatric disorders have been reported. We have used custom DNA microarrays and qPCR to investigate the expression of putative schizophrenia susceptibility genes and(More)
The gonadotropic hormones, LH and FSH, activate adenylyl cyclase in their respective target cells and thereby initiate many biochemical responses. In addition to stimulating cAMP production, both LH and FSH promote agonist-specific increases in the cytoplasmic concentration of free calcium ions ([Ca]i) in gonadal cells. Here, we have applied single cell(More)
This report compares the drug surveillance systems in France and Spain. The Spanish causality assessment method is explained. The Spanish and French drug surveillance systems are rather similar, but with some variations in the data analysis and differences between causality algorithms used. Spontaneous reporting in two drug surveillance centres, Aquitaine(More)
Introduction: Depression is significant comorbidity in patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA), with many factors, such as disease activity, pain, and disability determining its development. Materials and method: A cross-sectional study including patients with rheumatoid arthritis was conducted to determine prevalence of depression using the Patient Health(More)
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