Claude Vibet

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As part of an electronic educational material based on the Quiz technique, a set of TEX macros has been designed to process many examination and self-test files on personal computers (PCs). Once the Quiz answers have been stored by the students on appropriate answer-files, quick assessment can be automatically realized. So, it becomes easy to keep track of(More)
An explicit form of decoupled controls of a 2-D biped walking system is developed for use in simulation studies. The Lagrangian for an n-link 2-D biped system is first set down. The Lagrange formalism is then written as a state-space representation and a block-diagram scheme is proposed. Next, the direct nonlinear decoupling method is introduced, and an(More)
Guarding sensors and measuring equipment is a smart operation which decouples the apparatus or systems from common mode electrical disturbances. In this context, the floating techniques are revisited and the usual measurement problem in noisy environment is outlined. It is shown that the use of differential inputs to pickup sensor continuous signals, as(More)