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The traction exerted by a cell on a planar deformable substrate can be indirectly obtained on the basis of the displacement field of the underlying layer. The usual methodology used to address this inverse problem is based on the exploitation of the Green tensor of the linear elasticity problem in a half space (Boussinesq problem), coupled with a(More)
The influence of rheological and surface properties on adhesive tackiness are studied. In particular, the importance of the elongational properties is emphasized in a model, which considers only the adhesive contribution, while neglecting the importance of cavitation and surface roughness. It is shown that this simple analysis allows one to recover the(More)
Anchorage of muscle cells to the extracellular matrix is crucial for a range of fundamental biological processes including migration, survival and differentiation. Three-dimensional (3D) culture has been proposed to provide a more physiological in vitro model of muscle growth and differentiation than routine 2D cultures. However, muscle cell adhesion and(More)
In this paper, an original method of evaluating the physical properties of wheat-flour-water systems using high-frequency low-power ultrasound is presented. Most of the experiments were performed with a reflectance technique measuring the acoustic impedance of doughs. The velocity of propagation, attenuation and viscoelastic moduli have been evaluated for(More)
In the process of hematogenous cancer metastasis, tumor cells (TCs) must shed into the blood stream, survive in the blood circulation, migrate through the vascular endothelium (extravasation) and proliferate in the target organs. However, the precise mechanisms by which TCs penetrate the endothelial cell (EC) junctions remain one of the least understood(More)
Cell adhesive and rheological properties play a very important role in cell transmigration through the endothelial barrier, in particular in the case of inflammation (leukocytes) or cancer metastasis (cancer cells). In order to characterize cell viscoelastic properties, we have designed a force spectrometer (AFM) which can stretch cells thereby allowing(More)
Cancer metastasis is a multistep process involving cell-cell interactions, but little is known about the adhesive interactions and signaling events during extravasation of tumor cells (TCs). In this study, cell adhesion molecule (CAM) expression was investigated using an in vitro assay, in which TCs were seeded onto an endothelial cell (ECs) monolayer and(More)