Claude Schwartz

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The clinical usefulness and general ease of insertion of transvenous pacing catheters have made this procedure popular. It is sometimes difficult, yet important, to precisely locate the electrode tip. This report describes a patient in whom two-dimensional echocardiography was used to locate an aberrantly placed pacing catheter, whose position could not be(More)
Searching for an alternative to bone grafts in orthopedic and trauma surgery, two biphasic synthetic calcium phosphate ceramics BCP are made: the first, Eurocer 400, in granule form with a high interconnected porosity for void-filling, and the second, Eurocer 200, available in different shapes, with a good mechanical resistance in compression. Two hundred(More)
Management of bone loss in revision total hip replacement remains a challenge. To eliminate any immunological or infectious problem and so to try to improve the long-term results obtained with allografts, the authors used synthetic ceramics as bone substitutes since 1995. We reviewed 13 of the patients of our study, we previously reported in 2005 (Schwartz(More)
INTRODUCTION The shoulder pain has been reported as the third most common site after low back pain and knee pain, mostly caused by impingement and rotator cuff syndromes. Surgery is indicated when non-operative treatment fails and can be open and/or arthroscopic. Are Neer's acromioplasty results still good? Are they modified when it is a professional(More)
After a bucket-handle meniscus tear, a partial meniscectomy by arthroscopy is recommended, when a meniscal suture is impossible. Short-term results of meniscectomy after bucket-handle meniscus tear, without cartilage or ligament additional injury, are mostly excellent: pain and blocking disappear, return to sports activities is possible. The aim of this(More)
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