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This paper presents a new technique of electrical energy generation using mechanically excited piezoelectric materials and a nonlinear process. This technique, called synchronized switch harvesting (SSH), is derived from the synchronized switch damping (SSD), which is a nonlinear technique previously developed to address the problem of vibration damping on(More)
—Harvesting energy from ambient sources has become of great importance these last few years. This can be explained not only by advances in microlectronics and energy harvesting technologies, but also by a growing industrial demand in wireless autonomous devices. In this field, piezoelectric elements offer outstanding performances, thanks to their high power(More)
— Reactive ad hoc network routing protocols attempt to minimize the route discovery overhead by caching the route information for some period of time after a connection expires. How long each node should keep this route information is set a priori, and usually arbitrarily. In this extended abstract, we focus on the Ad-hoc On-demand Distance Vector (AODV)(More)
UNLABELLED Given the increasing prevalence of multimorbidity in primary care (PC), interdisciplinary PC teams supported by appropriate clinical information systems (CIS) are needed in order to deal with the complexity of multimorbid patients' care. Our team has developed such a system, called the Da Vinci system. However, despite the expected benefits,(More)
BACKGROUND The General Health Questionnaire allows for distinguishing patients suffering from psychiatric problems from those in good mental health. There is some controversy as to the best scoring method. Two different methods have been proposed: GHQ and cGHQ. The present study aims at verifying whether there is confirmation of the hypothesis that the(More)
INTRODUCTION Interpreters often join immigrants and physicians to permit communication. OBJECTIVE To describe the content of talk about health problems and medications during clinical encounters involving interpreters [professionals (PI) or family members (FI)]. METHODS We analysed one regularly scheduled encounter for each of 16 adult patients with his(More)
INTRODUCTION People living with and beyond cancer are vulnerable to a number of physical, functional and psychological issues. Undertaking a holistic needs assessment (HNA) is one way to support a structured discussion of patients' needs within a clinical consultation. However, there is little evidence on how HNA impacts on the dynamics of the clinical(More)
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