Claude Richard

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This paper presents a new technique of electrical energy generation using mechanically excited piezoelectric materials and a nonlinear process. This technique, called synchronized switch harvesting (SSH), is derived from the synchronized switch damping (SSD), which is a nonlinear technique previously developed to address the problem of vibration damping on(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe the challenges for immigrant patients and their physicians and their skills in intercultural communication (ICC). METHODS We videotaped one clinical encounter for each of 24 psychologically distressed patients visiting their regular family physician. The physician and the patient, each separately, viewed the videotape of their(More)
This paper compares the performances of vibration-powered electrical generators using a piezoelectric ceramic and a piezoelectric single crystal associated to several power conditioning circuits. A new approach of the piezoelectric power conversion based on a nonlinear voltage processing is presented, leading to three novel high performance power(More)
This paper presents a new technique for optimized energy harvesting using piezoelectric microgenerators called double synchronized switch harvesting (DSSH). This technique consists of a nonlinear treatment of the output voltage of the piezoelectric element. It also integrates an intermediate switching stage that ensures an optimal harvested power whatever(More)
UNLABELLED Given the increasing prevalence of multimorbidity in primary care (PC), interdisciplinary PC teams supported by appropriate clinical information systems (CIS) are needed in order to deal with the complexity of multimorbid patients' care. Our team has developed such a system, called the Da Vinci system. However, despite the expected benefits,(More)
Harvesting energy from ambient sources has become of great importance these last few years. This can be explained not only by advances in microlectronics and energy harvesting technologies, but also by a growing industrial demand in wireless autonomous devices. In this field, piezoelectric elements offer outstanding performances, thanks to their high power(More)
AIM This paper is a report of a study to identify the content of, and participation in, medicine discussion between nurse prescribers and people with diabetes in England. BACKGROUND Diabetes affects 246 million people worldwide and effective management of medicines is an essential component of successful disease control. There are now over 20,000 nurse(More)
BACKGROUND Nurse prescribers are in a key position to promote medicine-taking in diabetes. Although patients' beliefs about medicines are important predictors of medicine-taking, evidence suggests nurses do not routinely explore these. OBJECTIVES To evaluate a theory-based intervention designed to increase nurse prescribers' exploration of medicines'(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe the exchanges, related to discussion of all medications during primary care medical consultations. METHODS Descriptive study of audio recordings of 422 medical encounters. Coding was done with MEDICODE, a validated instrument developed to analyse verbal exchanges on medications. The unit of analysis is the medication. RESULTS An(More)