Claude Porée

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Recently, vestibular anomalies have been described as a frequent feature in children with coloboma-heart-atresia-retarded-genital-ear (CHARGE) syndrome. They are likely to play an important role in the psychomotor retardation affecting these children. In order to test this hypothesis, we prospectively performed complete vestibular investigations in a series(More)
Iopentol (Imageopaque); 300 mg I/ml was compared with ioxaglate (Hexabrix; 320 mg I/ml in 89 patients (45 and 44 patients, mean age 8.5 and 7.9 years in the contrast groups, respectively), in paediatric intravenous CT contrast enhancement. The dose injected was 2 ml/kg b.w. with an upper limit of 100 ml. There was a total of 18 patients who reported adverse(More)
The neuro-radiological findings in 38 cases of precocious puberty of central origin and 9 cases of hypopituitarism (craniopharyngiomas excepted), are reported. The radiological examination consisted of plain films of the skull and pneumo-encephalography. In the 9 cases withhypopituitarism radiological examination was normal in 4 and localised but quite(More)
The authors study 26 children with macrocranium and pericerebral effusion as diagnosed by C.T. Three groups are described: 10 with the classical C.T. features of subdural effusion, 12 with features of external hydrocephalus and 4 with massive pericerebral effusion. C.T. performed after lumbar subarachnoid injection of contrast medium, shows that all the(More)
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