Claude Mbusa Takenga

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– Determining the position of mobile users in GSM networks has become more and more important. Such services as emergency calls and other location dependent services have been of great importance in the last years. A key factor for the success of any localization technology is its accuracy. This work is focused on localization in a dense urban scenario or(More)
— Mobile terminal localization in a GSM environment has been of big interest in the recent years. This work exploits the use of position estimates from different sources in a robust fusion algorithm to reduce the positioning error. A hybrid neural network (NN)-data base correlation method (DC) is discussed. Moreover, the DC position estimates are first(More)
Being able to manage and adjust insulin doses is a key part of managing type-1 diabetes. Children and adolescents with type-1 diabetes mellitus often have serious difficulties with this dosage adjustment. Therefore, this paper aims to investigate the impact of using novel mobile, web and communication technologies in assisting their therapy and treatment. A(More)
    An ultimate aim of mobile positioning research is to find a method providing high estimation accuracy to the user within minimum delay and at minimum cost. Conventional location techniques based on trilateration and triangulation rely on line-of-sight path between the base station antenna and the mobile unit. In densely built urban areas, this(More)
With growth of world wide cellular connections, localization within cellular network will play a central role in enabling value-added services. This is a huge revenue opportunity for mobile operators. Existing location techniques have poor performance in urban and indoor environments due to severe multipath and NLOS propagations, which are significant for(More)
Mobile phone location activities have been intensified recently. This work will examine the possibility of combining the Neural Network (NN) positioning and the database correlation (DC) localization system in order to realize a robust RSS based positioning system within a GSM network context. The NN is trained first offline before it use in the positioning(More)
The demand for new healthcare services is growing rapidly. Improving accessibility of the African population to diabetes care seems to be a big challenge in most countries where the number of care centers and medical staff is reduced. Information and communication technologies (ICT) have great potential to address some of these challenges faced by several(More)
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