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BACKGROUND In spite of adhesion to recommended disinfection procedures, the transmission of infections by bronchoscopes is a permanent problem. OBJECTIVE The new device may prevent nosocomial infections because it consists of two parts: a specific bronchoscope Vision Sciences BF100 and a single-use protective sheath for each procedure. The aim of this(More)
Dyspnea is a subjective symptom defined as an experience of uncomfortable and difficult breathing which strongly affects the quality of life. It is the most common symptom in lung cancer but its physiopathology remains unclear. Dyspnea is due to cancer itself, specific therapies or comorbidities. To evaluate intensity of dyspnea, analogue visual and verbal(More)
The data obtained from broncho-alveolar lavage in 12 cases of pulmonary histiocytosis X explored between 1978 and 1986 are reported. The usefulness of this simple and reliable examination to the diagnosis and follow-up is emphasized. The diagnosis, suggested by radiography of the chest, may be suspected on cytological findings of hypercellularity,(More)
A major health threat in developing countries, the incidence of tuberculosis has decreased steadily in Western countries over the last century. However, since 1986, first in the United States, then more recently in several European countries, the number of declared cases has increased. The current epidemiology of tuberculosis is presented with special(More)
Primary pulmonary malignant melanoma is rare (0.01% of pulmonary cancers); only 25 cases are published in the literature. The diagnosis of primary pulmonary malignant melanoma is controversial, the pathogenesis is unknown and a pulmonary metastasis from a mucocutaneous melanoma is the main differential diagnosis. The diagnosis is based on the strict(More)
In 1983, the risk of developing severe shock during anaesthesia was estimated to be 1 case in 4600 procedures with an associated mortality rate of 6 per cent. The incidence of severe accidents has further increased since this time. This review focuses on the aspects of anaphylactoid shock (AS) in the context of iatrogenic responsibility involving drugs or(More)
M. L., âgé de 84 ans, se présente aux urgences pour dyspnée aiguë. Ses antécédents sont marqués par une hypothyroïdie à la Cordarone® substituée et une arythmie complète par fibrillation auriculaire, un tabagisme à 20 paquets-année sevré depuis 30 ans. Son histoire rapporte deux épisodes de dyspnée aiguë en trois semaines avec polypnée (sans douleur(More)
In the space of a few years 18F-FDG PET scanning has acquired a place in the management of all stages of the clinical care of patients with lung cancer. Its contributions are being more and more precisely understood during the assessment of mediastinal and metastatic extension and it carries the hope of better therapeutic management and surveillance.