Claude Marchand

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In this paper a fuzzy logic, rule based control strategy is proposed for a parallel hybrid electric vehicle (HEV). The strategy controls the amount of energy flow among components in order to satisfy the driver demand, optimize energy consumption and reduce polluting emissions. After modelling powertrain components, the strategy is tested by simulation with(More)
—In this paper, a new control strategy, including saturation management of hybrid fuel-cell (FC)/ultracapacitor (UC) power sources, is described. First, an analysis of hybrid archi-tectures using an FC and UCs for automotive applications is presented. Next, the model and the control strategy are described using energetic macroscopic representation (EMR).(More)
This paper scope is centered in the PEM fuel cell stack health diagnosis. For this purpose, authors present fault detection and identification methods using simple and non-intrusive on-line monitoring techniques. The approach is gradual based on detection and identification methods applied to a single cell up to multi-cells stacks used for power(More)
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