Claude Manté

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The effects of spilled oil on sedimentary bacterial communities were examined in situ at 20 m water depth in a Mediterranean coastal area. Sediment collected at an experimental site chronically subjected to hydrocarbon inputs was reworked into PVC cores with or without a massive addition of crude Arabian light oil (∼20 g kg−1 dry weight). Cores were(More)
Analytical flow cytometry (FCM) is well suited for the analysis of phytoplankton communities in fresh and sea waters. The measurement of light scatter and autofluorescence properties of particles by FCM provides optical fingerprints, which enables different phytoplankton groups to be separated. A submersible version of the CytoSense flow cytometer (the(More)
Spatial and temporal heterogeneity are often described as important factors having a strong impact on biodiversity. The effect of heterogeneity is in most cases analyzed by the response of biotic interactions such as competition of predation. It may also modify intrinsic population properties such as growth rate. Most of the studies are theoretic since it(More)
We propose a density approximation method based on Bernstein polynomials, consisting in superseding the classical Bernstein operator by a convenient number I∗ of iterates of a closely related operator. We mainly tackle two difficulties met in processing real data, sampled on some mesh XN . The first one consists in determining an optimal sub-mesh XK∗ , in(More)
After describing the main characteristics of grain-size curves, we recall previous results about Principal Components Analysis of absolutely continuous measures, in connection with grain-size curves analysis. This method simultaneously takes into account a chosen reference probability (r.p.) μ (associated with a Radon-Nikodym derivation operator), and the(More)