Claude M. J. Braun

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The hypothesis of prefrontal dysfunction in psychopathy has been pursued for many years, without convincing results. It is proposed here that this approach in previous studies was far too global. The present investigation was carried out in order to test a more specific hypothesis of orbitofrontal and/or frontal ventromedial deficits in psychopathy.(More)
Two major lines of investigation are currently clarifying the nature of the impairment of working memory associated with normal aging. Cognitive psychology has formulated the problem in terms such as the balance of impairment of encoding, retrieval, storage and/or attention, whereas neuropsychology has formulated the problem in terms such as the balance of(More)
We systematically reviewed the localization of focal brain lesions that cause isolated hallucination in a single sensory modality. Case reports of post-lesion nonparoxysmal hallucination in 1 (and only 1) of 3 sensory modalities (i.e., visual, auditory, somatic) were reviewed, and the content of the qualitative descriptions was analyzed for each modality.(More)
This essay reviews research on interhemispheric transfer time derived from simple unimanual reaction time to hemitachistoscopically presented visual stimuli. Part 1 reviews major theoretical themes including (a) the significance of the eccentricity effect on interhemispheric transfer time in the context of proposed underlying neurohistological constraints;(More)
OBJECTIVE Executive function in activities of daily living (ADL) were investigated in 10 patients with excised frontal lobe tumours. METHOD The patients with frontal lesions were compared to 10 normal controls with a neuropsychological test battery, a script generation task and a realistic implementation of complex multi-task ADL (planning and preparing a(More)
OBJECTIVE Executive functions in activities of daily living (ADL) were investigated in 10 patients with frontal lobe lesions after a mild to severe closed head injury (CHI). METHOD The CHI patients were compared to 12 normal controls with a neuropsychological test battery, a script recitation task and a realistic simulation of complex multitask ADL(More)
Ten nonaphasic left cerebrovascular accident (CVA) patients, 12 right CVA patients, and 16 normals were matched for age, education, lesion sizes, and postonset intervals; all were right handed. One task consisted of 36 sentences connoting one of six primary emotions (joy, sadness, fear, surprise, disgust, anger) presented binaurally with a neutral emotional(More)
Excellent and rich reviews of lateralised behaviour in animals have recently been published indexing renewed interest in biological theorising about hemispheric specialisation and yielding rich theory. The present review proposes a new account of the evolution of hemispheric specialisation, a primitive system of "management of the body's energy resources".(More)
CONTEXT The staging of Alzheimer disease (AD) dementia could be improved by a neurometabolic analysis using magnetic resonance spectroscopy. OBJECTIVE To examine the correlation between regional cerebral metabolic alterations measured by proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy and neuropsychological dysfunctions in patients with early AD. DESIGN A(More)
Spatial-compatibility effects can be obtained in simple reaction time (SRT) provided that spatially distinct responses are frequently required. Since this effect is limited to trials with relatively long reaction times (RTs), Hommel (1996b) proposed that if the response does not occur shortly after stimulus detection, then the spatial code of the stimulus(More)