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This paper presents a technique to automatically identify duplicate and near duplicate functions in a large software system. The identification technique is based on metrics extracted fi'om the source code using the tool Datrix? This clone identificafion technique uses 21 function metrics grouped into four points of comparison. Each point of comparison is(More)
A variety of studies has a need to estimate the amount and pattern of daily energy expenditure. To this end, a 3-day activity record was developed and is described. Every 15-min period over 3 days, including a weekend day, was qualified in terms of energy cost on a 1 to 9 scale corresponding to a range of 1.0 MET to 7.8 METs and higher. A reliability study(More)
Despite recent advances, controversy continues about the inheritance of the amount and distribution of body fat. We have studied the genetic and 'cultural' (nongenetic) transmission between generations of the body mass index, sum of six skinfold measurements, percentage of body fat, fat mass, fat-free mass, and two indicators of fat distribution. These data(More)
Two studies dealing with the contribution of the genotype in individual differences for resting metabolic rate (RMR), thermic effect of a 4.2 MJ carbohydrate meal (TEM), and energy cost of submaximal exercise are reported. The genetic effect for RMR and TEM was studied in 31 pairs of parent-child, 21 pairs of dizygotic (DZ) twins, and 37 pairs of(More)
To evaluate the effect of intensity of physical activity on body fatness and fat distribution, observations of 1366 women and 1257 men who participated in the 1981 Canada Fitness Survey were analyzed. Subjects were tested for energy expenditure of leisure-time activities and estimated maximal oxygen uptake (VO2max), body fatness was measured by subcutaneous(More)
In order to quantify genetic and environmental determinants of physical activity level, 1,610 subjects from 375 families who lived in the greater Québec city area completed a three-day activity record in 1978-1981. Level of habitual physical activity, which includes all the usual activities of life, and exercise participation, which includes activities(More)
Heart diameters, heart volume (HV), PWC 130, $$\dot V$$ O2 at 130 heart rate, and cardiorespiratory reactions during work at 3 kgm·s−1 were obtained in 237 boys ranging in age from 8–18 years. Results indicate that heart size, PWC 130, $$\dot V$$ O130, and exercise HR, $$\dot V$$ O2/HR, $$\dot f$$ and SBP change significantly with age. On the other hand,(More)
Total energy intake and intakes of carbohydrate, fat, and protein as well as the percentage of energy derived from these nutrients were calculated from a 3-d dietary record in 1597 subjects living in 375 families of French descent. Familial correlations were computed in pairs of biological relatives and relatives by adoption and used in the path-analysis(More)