Claude Laroche

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We report the observation of intermittency in gravity-capillary wave turbulence on the surface of mercury. We measure the temporal fluctuations of surface wave amplitude at a given location. We show that the shape of the probability density function of the local slope increments of the surface waves strongly changes across the time scales. The related(More)
We report the observation of the crossover between gravity and capillary wave turbulence on the surface of mercury. The probability density functions of the turbulent wave height are found to be asymmetric and thus non-Gaussian. The surface wave height displays power-law spectra in both regimes. In the capillary region, the exponent is in fair agreement(More)
The energy of a single bead bouncing on a vibrating plate is determined in simulations and experiments by tracking the bead-plate collision times. The plate oscillates sinusoidally along the vertical with the dimensionless peak acceleration Gamma, and the bead-plate collisions are characterized by the velocity restitution coefficient epsilon. Above the(More)
2014 Observation of the period doubling cascade in a Rayleigh-Bénard experiment in mercury. The experimental cell has an aspect ratio 0393 = 4 and contains four convective rolls. A DC magnetic field of 270 G is applied along the convective roll axis. The measured Feigenbaum number is 03B4 = 4.4. The ratio of the successive subharmonics is of the order of 14(More)
We report the observation of depression solitary surface waves on a layer of mercury when its depth is thin enough compared to the capillary length. These waves, as well as the well known elevation solitary waves, are studied with a new measurement technique using inductive sensors. The shape of the solitary waves, their amplitude-dependent velocity, and(More)
A new kind of memory effect on low frequency dielectric measurements on plexiglass (PMMA) is described. These measurements show that cooling and heating the sample at constant rate give an hysteretic dependence on temperature of the dielectric constant ǫ. A temporary stop of cooling produces a downward relaxation of ǫ. Two main features are observed i) when(More)
We report that the power driving gravity and capillary wave turbulence in a statistically stationary regime displays fluctuations much stronger than its mean value. We show that its probability density function (PDF) has a most probable value close to zero and involves two asymmetric roughly exponential tails. We understand the qualitative features of the(More)
Quasi-Elastic Neutron Scattering (QENS) experiments were carried out to determine (a) Fick diffusivity, D (b) self-diffusivity, Dself, and (c) 1/Gamma, the inverse of the thermodynamic correction factor, for n-hexane (nC6) and n-heptane (nC7) in MFI zeolite (all silica silicalite-1) at 300 K for a variety of loadings. These experimental results are compared(More)
A two-dimensional granular gas is produced by vibrating vertically a partial layer of beads on a horizontal plate. Measurements of the force applied by the granular gas to the sidewalls of the container, or granular pressure, are used to study the effect of the shaking strength, density, bead-plate restitution coefficient, and particle size on the steady(More)