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OBJECTIVE To assess the impact of implementing a low tidal volume ventilation strategy on hospital mortality for patients with acute lung injury or acute respiratory distress syndrome. DESIGN Retrospective, uncontrolled study. SETTING Adult medical-surgical and trauma intensive care units at a major inner city, university-affiliated hospital. PATIENTS(More)
BACKGROUND Despite normalization of vital signs, critically injured patients may remain in a state of occult underresuscitation that sets the stage for sepsis, organ failure, and death. A continuous, sensitive, and accurate measure of resuscitation after injury remains elusive. METHODS In this pilot study, we evaluated the ability of two continuous(More)
An investigation was designed to test whether the precision of finely coordinated orofacial movements is influenced by the transition from natural to artificial dentition. The oral motor skill of 16 patients was tested before extraction and within 2 weeks of wearing immediate dentures. Speech recordings were employed to detect changes in voice quality and(More)
The regional distribution of cerebral blood flow was assessed in eight control and eight morphometrically growth-retarded fetal lambs to determine whether perfusion patterns within the cerebral circulation are altered in this model of intrauterine growth retardation. Growth retardation was induced by repetitive embolization of the uterine circulation, and(More)
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