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— Numerous robotic tasks associated with underactu-ation have been studied in the literature. For a large number of these in the plane, the mechanical models have a cyclic variable, the cyclic variable is unactuated, and all shape variables are independently actuated. This paper formulates and solves two control problems for this class of models. If the(More)
It is shown that a discrete-time system may be linearizable by exogenous dynamic feedback, even if it cannot be linearized by endogenous feedback. This property is completely unexpected and constitutes a fundamental difference with respect to the continuous-time case. The notion of exogenous linearizing output is introduced. It is shown that existence of an(More)
A de-scriptor approach to sliding mode control of systems with time-varying delays, " Int. Stability of systems with uncertain delays: A new 'com-plete' Lyapunov-Krasovskii functional, " IEEE Trans. A robust output feedback controller of the induction motor drives: New design and experimental validation, " Int.ability and observers for nonlinear systems(More)
The notion of realization for single-input single-output nonlinear systems is studied based on a new notion of input/output equivalence. This equivalence relation aims to generalize the equivalence of linear time-invarian t systems in the sense of the equality of their transfer functions. Necessary and suÆcient conditions are given for the existence of a(More)