Claude Greuet

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A. ADOUTTE/Orsay (France) CH. F. BARDELE/Tübingen (West Germany) J. BOUIX/Montpellier (France) G. BRUGEROLLE/Clermont-Ferrand (France) E. U. CANNING/Ascot (Great Britain) G. CLEFFMANN/Gießen (West Germany) I . DESPORTES/Paris (France) J. F. DUBREMETZ/Villeneuve d'Ascq (France) J. FEBVRE/Villefranche (France) T. FENCHEL/Helsing0r (Denmark) B. J.(More)
In this study, more details of the different parts of the "ocelloide" of Nematodinium are given. The "hyalosome" which has a radial symmetry is made of endoplasmic reticulum, except the mitochondrial layer. There is only one constrictor ring and only a beginning of the periocellar gallery. The basal sheet on which the crystalline lens lies is a local(More)
Some organelles responsible for contraction consist of bundles of 2-4 nm filaments called nanofilaments. Such organelles are present in the longitudinal flagellum of Ceratium (Dinoflagellate): the R-fibre is the motor system for contraction and parallels the axoneme, which is responsible for wave generation. We used a highly sensitive polarization(More)
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