Claude Gervais

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CONTEXT The need for lung protection is universally accepted, but the optimal level of positive end-expiratory pressure (PEEP) in patients with acute lung injury (ALI) or acute respiratory distress syndrome remains debated. OBJECTIVE To compare the effect on outcome of a strategy for setting PEEP aimed at increasing alveolar recruitment while limiting(More)
We report four cases of adult recurrence of Sydenham's chorea (SC). The first episodes all followed childhood tonsillopharyngitis. Many years later, subsequent episodes appeared after the triggering circumstances: throat or cutaneous infection, pregnancy, childbirth, contraceptive treatment or stress. Other inflammatory diseases were ruled out and(More)
Four subjects, 2 males (17 and 35 yr of age) and 2 females (24 and 47 yr of age) suffering from allergic asthma were studied for 10 days in allergen-shielded rooms and without medication. Synchronization of subjects to activity was by light on at 7 A.M. and sleep by light off at midnight. A single bronchial challenge to the threshold concentration of house(More)
A case of a tumor of the urinary tract discovered after renal trauma is reported. The clinical and radiolocal observations are presented as well as the interest of this case in forensic medicine. A review of the legal aspects recalls the principles of imputability in cases of cancer and trauma. While malignant tumors discovered after renal trauma are often(More)
BACKGROUND Growth-arrest-specific protein 6 (GAS6) is a vitamin K-dependent protein expressed by endothelial cells and leukocytes participating in cell survival, migration and proliferation and involved in many pathological situations. The aim of our study was to assess its implication in ARDS and its variation according to PEEP setting, considering that(More)