Claude Fressengeas

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Mantle flow involves large strains of polymineral aggregates. The strongly anisotropic plastic response of each individual grain in the aggregate results from the interactions between neighbouring grains and the continuity of material displacement across the grain boundaries. Orthorhombic olivine, which is the dominant mineral phase of the Earth's upper(More)
We present high resolution observations of microstructure and texture evolution during dynamic recrystallization (DRX) of ice polycrystals deformed in the laboratory at high temperature (≈0.98T m). Ice possesses a significant viscoplastic anisotropy that induces strong strain heterogeneities, which result in an early occurrence of DRX mechanisms. It is(More)
The continuum mechanics of line defects representing singularities due to terminating discontinu-ities of the elastic displacement and its gradient field is developed. The development is intended for application to coupled phase transformation, grain boundary, and plasticity-related phenomena at the level of individual line defects and domain walls. The(More)
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