Claude Ervin Davis

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Animal studies have shown a positive association between the consumption of high concentrations of sweet solutions and subsequent alcohol intake. In a previous clinical study, it was shown that a preference for a high (0.83 M) concentration of sucrose (sweet liking) is characteristic of alcoholics, compared with controls. The present study was designed to(More)
The association of a parental history of diabetes mellitus and hypertension with the multiple metabolic syndrome (MMS) was studied in a population survey of middle-aged adults. The eligible population was drawn from the baseline examination of the Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities Study, a population-based, bi-ethnic, multi-centre cohort study. The MMS(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to observe areas of brain activation with painful hot stimulation to the trigeminal nerve. STUDY DESIGN Nine healthy pain-free women (mean age 26.2 +/- 6.9 yrs) with a natural, regular menstrual cycle participated in the study. Whole-brain functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) data were acquired for each(More)
The extent to which the brain regions associated with face processing are selective for that specific function remains controversial. In addition, little is known regarding the extent to which face-responsive brain regions are selective for human faces. To study regional selectivity of face processing, we used functional magnetic resonance imaging to(More)
Adherence with continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) has been problematic. Understanding the factors associated with nonadherence may assist with psychosocial interventions. The objective of this study was to examine the relationship between adherence and three measures of personality and coping strategies. Ratings on(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the effectiveness of a cholesterol-lowering intervention designed to facilitate the management of hypercholesterolemia by primary care clinicians. DESIGN Randomized controlled trial, with randomization of clinician-patient groups. SETTING Twenty-one community and rural health centers in North Carolina and Virginia. PARTICIPANTS(More)
A computer-administered assessment for decision making relevant to daily-living decisions, using the technique of complex decision making (CDM), has been previously developed and tested in our laboratory. The present study sought to identify unique patterns of brain activity in the alpha band associated with CDM. We recorded electroencephalogram (EEG) from(More)
OBJECTIVES To describe the distribution of over weight and body mass index, waist circumference and waist/ hip ratio, correlate obesity measures to coronary heart disease risk factors in comparison to Pakistan National Survey (PNS). METHODS The Metroville Health Study (MHS) was an urban risk factor reduction intervention study in Metroville Karachi. Base(More)
AIMS To develop and test a biopsychosocial model using structural equation modeling for predicting orofacial pain symptoms in a sample of patients with masticatory muscle pain (MMP). METHODS Data were collected from clinic records of 251 adult patients who presented for initial evaluation to the Orofacial Pain Center at the University of Kentucky College(More)