Claude Danis

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Three experiments on short-term serial memory for spoken syllables are reported. The stimuli were CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) syllables in Experiment 1, CCVs in Experiment 2, and VCCs in Experiment 3. Analyses of subjects' errors showed that the phonemes within a syllable were not equally free to break apart and recombine. Certain groups of phonemes-the(More)
We present a methodology for calibrating numerical models of deep crustal heat flow, which incorporate structural information at the thousand-kilometer scale whilst maintaining a quantification of uncertainty. Geological structural interpretations are increasingly the product of geological and geophysical inversion methods, and include some quantification(More)
In this paper we investigate the application of the two-dimensional Clapeyron law to polymer monolayers. This is a largely unexplored area of research. The main problems are (1) establishing if equilibrium is reached and (2) if so, identifying and defining phases as functions of the temperature. Once this is validated, the Clapeyron law allows us to obtain(More)
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