Claude Chabre

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Many genes intervening in development, morphogenesis and craniofacial growth have been identified, primarily by the use of mice mutants. We can distinguish two families: the signalling factors and the transcription factors. The latter interact with DNA to activate or to inhibit the expression of other genes. Some of the transcription factors are called(More)
The aim of this work is the study of effects on vertical dimension of a functional appliance: combination of headgear and activator. We have pointed out in this study: a good control of occlusal and palatal plans; vertical stability of ANS; no change of facial axis; intrusion of maxilla incisors; correction of anterior deep-bite. We concluded that this(More)
Should treatment of a Class II div. 1 malocclusion begin in the early, in mixed dentition or later in the adolescent dentition? In a Cochrane review, the authors conclude: "The evidence suggests that providing early orthodontic treatment for children with prominent upper front teeth is no more effective than providing one course of orthodontic treatment(More)