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The in vivo behavior of 4-(2'-methoxyphenyl)-1-[2'-[N-(2"-pyridinyl)-p-[(18)F]fluorobenzamido ]ethyl]-piperazine (p-[(18)F]MPPF), a new serotonin 5-HT(1A) antagonist, was studied in awake, freely(More)
Four new tertiary amines: bis(3-N,N-dimethyl aminopropyl)selenide (PROMOSE), bis(3-N-(morpholino)propyl)selenide, N-methyl-selenomorpholine and N-phenyl-selenomorpholine structurally related to MOSE(More)
The Ge(4He, xn) and 75As(p, 3n) reactions were compared as the best potential routes for routine production of selenium-73 (73Se) for medical applications. With 26 MeV alpha particles, available with(More)