Claude Botella

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We have studied the growth of a SrTiO3 shell on self-catalyzed GaAs nanowires grown by vapor-liquid-solid assisted molecular beam epitaxy on Si(111) substrates. To control the growth of the SrTiO3 shell, the GaAs nanowires were protected using an arsenic capping/decapping procedure in order to prevent uncontrolled oxidation and/or contamination of the(More)
We propose an arsenic-capping/decapping method, allowing the growth of an epitaxial shell around the GaAs nanowire (NW) core which is exposed to an ambient atmosphere, and without the introduction of impurities. Self-catalyzed GaAs NW arrays were firstly grown on Si(111) substrates by solid-source molecular beam epitaxy. Aiming for protecting the active(More)
High-quality thermoelectric La0.2Sr0.8TiO3 (LSTO) films, with thicknesses ranging from 20 nm to 0.7 μm, have been epitaxially grown on SrTiO3(001) substrates by enhanced solid-source oxide molecular-beam epitaxy. All films are atomically flat (with rms roughness < 0.2 nm), with low mosaicity (<0.1°), and present very low electrical resistivity (<5 × 10-4 Ω(More)
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