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Fucoïdans are a family of high molecular weight sulphated polysaccharides in the Mr range 8 x 10(5) -10(6), widely dispersed in brown seaweed cell wall. When extracted from several brown algae, they exhibit anticoagulant properties. The chemical degradation of a crude extract, from Pelvetia canaliculata, was undertaken to obtain a low molecular weight(More)
The adsorption of albumin and thrombin to insoluble modified polystyrene resins bearing sulphonate (PSSO3) and L-arginyl methyl ester groups (PAOM) was investigated in both purified and plasma systems. Radioiodinated proteins were used to follow adsorption in a 'minicolumn' experiment. Albumin adsorption was found to follow the Langmuir model and specific(More)
Antithrombin III (AT III) inhibits thrombin via an arginine-serine interaction. Insoluble polystyrene resins grafted with arginyl methyl ester have been synthesized, and their interaction with thrombin tested. One of these resins was selected for its high affinity for thrombin. In this paper we report the characteristics of this thrombin resin interaction.(More)
In previous papers we described insoluble polystyrenes grafted with L-arginyl methyl ester (PAOM) which exhibit a high affinity for thrombin. Based on their specific interaction with the protease, the resin has been used as stationary phases for affinity chromatographic procedure of thrombin in affinity chromatography (AC) and high performance liquid(More)