Classe Francis

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A typology of physically abusive parents was developed based upon personality characteristics measured by the 16-PF. Cluster analysis revealed five distinct patterns, accounting for 81 of 82 profiles submitted. Significant differences among the clusters were found on 14 of the 16 factors. The following types were described: (a) Shy, withdrawn, apprehensive,(More)
The primary goals of CryoSat-2 are to derive improved rates of change of elevation and thickness estimates of the Earth's land and marine ice fields. Validating such retrievals obtained from a nadir polar observing Synthetic Interferometric Radar Altimeter (SIRAL), the primary payload, is not a simple one. A key problem is to fully understand the(More)
CryoSat-2 level 0 to 1b science processors were developed and implemented during the phase C/D of the CryoSat-1 development. The baseline for CryoSat-2 will be to maintain these processors as is and upgrade in due course to take into account expected minor changes to the CryoSat-2 hardware. In this paper we present the methods used to process the three(More)
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