Clas G. Lindström

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A prospective epidemiological study of Crohn's disease in Malmö, Sweden, was carried out during the years 1958 to 1973. The mean annual incidence rate for the disease was 4.8 per 10(5) inhabitants at risk. The recorded incidence increased from 3.5 per 10(5) inhabitants during the initial 8-year period, to 6.0 per 10(5) inhabitants during the last 8 years of(More)
Normal and metaplastic gastrointestinal mucosa obtained at surgical resection were studied by light microscopy, using the unlabelled antibody enzyme method for immunohistochemical staining of lysozyme, pancreatic endoproteases, and pancreatic secretory trypsin inhibitor (PSTI). Paneth cells in the mucosa of normal small intestine, gastric mucosa with(More)
To study the relationship between gallstone disease (cholelithiasis and cholecystectomy) and cancer, a case-control study was performed in two Swedish hospitals comparing the prevalence of gallstone disease discovered at necropsy in 1422 subjects who died of cancer and 1205 subjects who did not die of cancer. Gallstone disease was more prevalent in the(More)
Vascular changes were seen in specimens with lesions of Crohn's disease as well as in ulcerative colitis. In Crohn's disease, the vasculature in the bowel wall was rearranged secondary to thickening of the intestinal coats. An anatomical relationship was often found between the ulcers and the point where arteries break through the muscularis propria. The(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare digital examination, endoluminal ultrasound (ELU), and plain magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), with histopathological findings in the preoperative staging of rectal cancer. DESIGN A prospective comparative study. SETTING University hospital, Sweden. SUBJECTS 35 patients with rectal cancer who presented during the period February(More)
To study the postulated relationship between prior cholecystectomy and occurrence of subsequent colorectal cancer, we examined the prevalence of cholecystectomy in all patients with histologically confirmed colorectal cancer registered during 1966-75 in the city of Malmö. In addition, we studied the frequency of colon cancer in all females autopsied in(More)
In order to study the gene expression of the seminal plasma protein beta-microseminoprotein, also known as PSP94 and beta-inhibin, clones encoding this protein were isolated from a cDNA library constructed in lambda gt11. Nucleotide sequencing confirmed the structure of a previously cloned cDNA. By northern blot analysis identical sized transcripts were(More)
Postoperative films of 150 patients operated upon for Crohn's disease were reviewed with regard to postoperative abnormalities in the new distal ileum. The lesions were always located in the most aboral part of the ileum. In patients with persistent colonic disease the ileal lesions were apparently the result of a spread of colonic lesions. In many of the(More)