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During slow finger movements, small discontinuities are visible at approximately 8-10 Hz. We have recorded from eight normal subjects whilst they performed index finger flexion-extension movements with the left and right hand. Movements were either performed in-phase (both fingers flexing or extending together), or anti-phase (flexion on one side coinciding(More)
Ankle joints were subjected to sinusoidal movements at a range of amplitudes and frequencies. Records were made of electromyograms (e.m.g.s) in calf muscles, and of the forces at the joints. When the leg is relaxed, the ankle joint resists an imposed sinusoidal movement with a small approximately sinusoidal force. It is stiffer in its resistance to small(More)
Previous studies of relationships between surface EMG of the residual limb and phantom pain have not shown which changed first. Thus, predictive relationships could not be demonstrated. 24 male (20) and female (4) amputees between the ages of 33 and 71 who reported either burning (3), cramping (8), shocking-shooting-stabbing (6), or a combination of these(More)
Hominin reliance on Oldowan stone tools-which appear from 2.5 mya and are believed to have been socially transmitted-has been hypothesized to have led to the evolution of teaching and language. Here we present an experiment investigating the efficacy of transmission of Oldowan tool-making skills along chains of adult human participants (N=184) using five(More)
Mice of two inbred strains, DBA and C3H, were pretreated with mecamylamine before challenge with nicotine. Mecamylamine blocked nicotine-induced seizures, enhanced startle, and alterations in respiratory rate, Y-maze activity, heart rate and body temperature. Mecamylamine blocked nicotine-induced seizures and enhanced startle with IC50 values of less than(More)
The immunological mechanisms responsible for overcoming infections with Babesia, an intra-erythrocytic protozoan, are not fully understood. Although high titres of specific anti-babesial antibodies have been observed in several species of animals, and protection has been obtained by transfer of large volumes of recovery serum, the role of antibody in the(More)
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