Claro Diaz

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Radiocontrast nephropathy (RCN) develops in a substantial proportion of patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) after invasive cardiology procedures and is strongly associated with subsequent mortality and adverse outcomes. We sought to determine whether systemic hypothermia is effective in preventing RCN in patients with CKD. Patients at risk for RCN(More)
Tomographic imaging techniques such as ultrasound can provide important information in the evaluation of vascular anatomy. Recent technical advances have permitted fabrication of a small (1.83 mm), phased-array, intravascular ultrasonic imaging catheter capable of continuous real-time, cross-sectional imaging of blood vessels. We used this imaging catheter(More)
Clinical outcomes and costs associated with the use of digoxin in atrial fibrillation and flutter were evaluated in a prospective, observational study at 18 academic medical centers in the United States. Data were collected on 115 patients (aged > 18 years) with atrial fibrillation or flutter who were treated with digoxin for rapid ventricular rate (> or =(More)
Seventy-two patients were admitted in a multicentre trial with the purpose of assessing the clinical efficacy and safety of the hormonal control and tolerance of leuprolide acetate in a once-a-month depot injection formulation for the treatment of disseminated prostate cancer. During a 1-year follow-up, there were ten withdrawals for different reasons. At(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the long term results of Lasik for residual refractive errors (RE) after penetrating keratoplasty (PKP) for keratoconus (KC). DESIGN Retrospective cohort. METHOD Records of 14 consecutive patients (19 eyes) who had Lasik after PKP for KC were retrospectively reviewed. In all eyes with refractive stability and suture removed before(More)
This is the case of a 63 year old patient with chronic conjunctivitis on chronic local phenylephrine instillation for the last 13 years. We have observed that the protracted use of vasoconstrictor eyedrops can induce conjunctival xerosis and that its simple withdrawal can result in marked symptomatic improvement leaving behind only degenerative cicatricial(More)
OBJECTIVES To calculate the Scapular Balance Angle (SBA) reference values in a healthy population between 18 and 85 years old, and to define abnormality criteria for this sample. MATERIALS AND METHODS A descriptive study was conducted on a total of 300 individuals (mean age: 44.83, range: 18-83; proportion male/female: 1.59), calculating the SBA through(More)
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