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  • George Murphy, Davis Science Building 128 Bailey, Clark, Doyle, Elrod-Erickson Dubois, Ervin Hemmerly +7 others
The Department of Biology offers preparation for teachers of biology, for biologists in industrial and governmental employment, and for students planning for graduate study in biology or for advanced professional courses in health sciences. The program for the Biology major leads to the Bachelor of Science degree. Students choose from concentrations in(More)
  • Clark, Wroclawski, David D Clark, John T Wroclawski
  • 2001
We describe the Personal Router project, a program of research currently underway within the Advanced Network Architecture group at the MIT Laboratory for Computer Science. Executive Summary The purpose of this project is to demonstrate a new paradigm for wireless network services. The motivations for this project are the following: • Today, wireless(More)
T he ability to provide accurate weather forecasts to air traffic managers and controllers plays a very important role in assuring that the nation's airliner flights will remain safe and on schedule. Lincoln Laboratory has been pursuing these goals as part of the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) Aviation Weather Research Program (AWRP) since it began(More)
This article describes the theory of parental mediation, which has evolved to consider how parents utilize interpersonal communication to mitigate the negative effects that they believe communication media have on their children. I discuss the strengths and weaknesses of this theory as employed in the sociopsychologically rooted media effects literature as(More)
Human upright stance is inherently unstable without a balance control scheme. Many biological behaviors are likely to be optimal with respect to some performance measure that involves energy. It is reasonable to believe that the human is (unconsciously) optimizing some performance measure as he regulates his balance posture. In experimental studies, a(More)
regulating Rac1 activity during neurite outgrowth and other cellular morphological events. Because cell migration and axon outgrowth in Caenorhabiditis elegans involves the Elmo and Dock180 homologues CED-12 and CED-5, as well as the Trio homologue UNC-73 (refs 22, 23), we speculate that MIG-2, which is a target GTPase of UNC-73 and is also involved in cell(More)
Passively compliant legs have been instrumental in the development of dynamically running legged robots. Having properly tuned leg springs is essential for stable, robust and energetically efficient running at high speeds. Recent simulation studies indicate that having variable stiffness legs, as animals do, can significantly improve the speed and stability(More)
  • Aldo Trajano Lourêdo, Manuel Milla Miranda, Marcondes Rodrigues, Clark, Haroldo Rodrigues Clark
  • 2015
Let Ω be an open bounded set of R n with its boundary Γ constituted of two disjoint parts Γ 0 and Γ 1 with Γ 0 ∩ Γ 1 = ∅. This paper deals with the existence of local solutions to the nonlinear hyperbolic problem u − u + |u| ρ = f in Ω × (0, T 0), u = 0 on Γ 0 × (0, T 0), ∂u ∂ν + h(·, u) = 0 on Γ 1 × (0, T 0), (*) where ρ > 1 is a real number, ν(x) is the(More)
  • Sharon Eisner Gillett, William H Lehr, John T Wroclawski, David D Clark, Gillett, Wroclawski Lehr +1 other
  • 2000
The world is evolving from one in which almost all access to the Internet comes from personal computers (PCs) to one in which so-called Internet appliances (IAs) will make up a greater share of end-user equipment. Today's PC is a general-purpose, highly configurable and extensible device – an "intelligent end-node" of the sort the Internet's designers had(More)